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An inspiring experience awaits your school at English Today!

English Today is a residential English language school with a difference:  it is unique in its location within the grounds of a prestigious British independent school.  Culford School, with a history dating back to 1080, outstanding facilities and beautiful grounds, is set in 480 acres of stunning Suffolk parkland.  This safe and friendly environment enables us to generate a carefree, creative ambiance in which students learn swiftly and develop confidently.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that, by minimizing everyday stress and anxiety, young brains are released to have fun, learn swiftly and develop intelligently.  Our arrangements at Culford mean that our students are accompanied by their friends and teachers, so that they are reassured by their opportunities to share joys and fears.  In addition, they have the instinctive comfort that they are able to seek advice from a trusted and familiar supervisor in times of concern, at any time of day or night.

Furthermore, we believe our teachers should be empathetic, lively, interactive, confident in themselves and fun to be with.  As such, our classes might be dynamic and even a bit noisy, but they get all students fully participating and naturally speaking confident English.

We find that, by following these principles, our students relax and “come out of their shells” with self-assurance.  Despite being in a foreign country and strange surroundings, in the environment we engender, even the shyest child speaks English with competence and goes on to develop confidence in the wider aspects of his/her life.

Modus Operandi

Students come to us in school groups, accompanied by some of their own teachers.  Surrounded by their friends, day and night, we give them experiences to improve their skills and give them the confidence to use their language, whatever the situation they are in.  We use a combination of formal English lessons, exciting practical activities, fun games and visits to some of Britain’s iconic locations, to inspire and motivate development in both language and social skills.  We hear many reports, from visiting teachers, that their students display all-round enhanced confidence (not just in English) after attending one of our courses.

Accommodation is in dormitories, in the English Today building within the Culford School campus.  Girls sleep upstairs, boys downstairs.  They have their own bathroom arrangements on each floor and are not allowed into dormitories of the opposite sex.  Visiting teachers have their own accommodation, nearby, on each floor.  When not in use, our classrooms are available for relaxation; they open onto our private garden, with games and tables, which has a back gate opening onto the extensive school sports fields.

We do not offer any homestay accommodation. So, there are no taxis, buses or other unaccompanied travel to challenge them.

Liaison with teachers before arrival ensures any educational, or care, requirements are met. Our programmes are designed to encourage social interaction and integration.  They are based on a standard template but can be focused to meet particular needs, if identified by the students’ school.  Our staff are specifically selected for their inspirational skills and their active involvement with students’ development.  Our principal, John Endean, has been leading schools, with the same ethos and purpose, for over 20 years.  We pride ourselves on the fact that all students feel they are part of an inclusive and happy family when they are with us.

Our Clients

Our clients are overseas schools, who send groups accompanied by their own teachers, who want to help their students build on their existing English capabilities and learn about British customs and culture.  Student groups are normally of similar age in the range 9 – 16 years old.  Usually, we liaise directly with the head of English or head of languages at each school.

We frequently visit the school to give a presentation to teachers, parents and students, on our courses and the care we take of our visiting groups.  Please contact us here to find out more.

Our People

Our people are our life blood.  See their profiles here

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