Information for Students’ Parents

Your Child Will be Well Looked After

Your child will be well cared for at English Today.  Not only do we have our own staff on hand, or on call, 24 hours a day, but teachers from their own school will sleep in the same building.  We are very fortunate in having premises at Culford School, with whom we have a close working partnership.  The grounds are huge, beautiful and safe.  Nearly all our students find that staying in our boarding house is great fun.  We have some fairly strict rules to keep order and discipline, but we enjoy making the whole experience fun for our students (and ourselves!).

A Safe and Secure Environment

English Today is set in the incredibly safe environment of Culford School and are kept within these surroundings at all times, unless on excursions.  Whilst there are some public footpaths on the campus, very few people visit unless they are locals or working on site.  Everyone working onsite has to be checked by our national safeguarding system, or otherwise they are constantly chaperoned by a member of Culford School or English Today staff.  We are a bit “out in the sticks”, so unusual visitors are easily identified and challenged, if necessary.  Moreover, whilst there is a beautiful natural lake and bird-reserve, there are very few hazards to threaten our students.

In the boarding house, students’ accommodation is segregated into a boys-only floor and a girls-only floor, with common areas for both.  Teachers sleep on each floor level.


Excursions to any major city can present concerns for any parent in today’s troubled world.  However, rest assured that we make a thorough risk assessment, and take all the necessary safety advice, before we travel.  We have a high adult-to-student ratio when we go, and we make sure that our group stays together in the sensible places to visit.

Healthy, Nutritious Food

Students dine at the Culford School canteen, where a variety of hot foods, cold salads, and allergen-sensitive food welcomes them. Food at Culford School often receives praise from our visitors, with visiting teachers noting the vast variety of food on offer – particularly healthy salads and fruit. The canteen also caters for a wide range of allergies, preparing vegetarian dishes that are both nutritious and rich in flavour, as well as catering for gluten-free diets.

Qualified, Caring Staff

All the staff at English Today are trained in current UK safeguarding procedures, and are background checked before beginning employment. Continuing professional development ensures staff are always aware of safe and proper procedures in the work place and can keep our students safe at all times.

Medical Care

Culford School benefits from a well provisioned medical centre, which is fully available to English Today staff and students. In addition, English Today staff are First Aid trained and fully equipped to respond to immediate problems. In case of medical emergencies, West Suffolk General Hospital is 15 minutes away.

We ask all groups to complete medical forms to ensure that we are aware of any and all issues that we may need to respond to or cater for while we are here. Medicine is kept in a safe and secure place, and accidents are recorded and documented in line with Health and Safety at Work guidelines.


Students have access to free wifi throughout their stay, so they can contact you on their phones, tablets or laptops during their evening relaxation periods.  We hope, soon, to have a facility for friends and families to keep up-to-date with the daily events of their children.


Whilst it is always a concern when your child is away from home, we keep them safe and give them a great happy experience to remember.  If you have any concerns, please contact us at English Today.