At English Today, our lessons are student focused and communicative, with lots of speaking practise and a variety of activities to suit all learner needs.

Sitting down with a book and learning endless grammar rules can be boring and it limits the potential of the student. We believe in learning by doing. A lot of our lessons are centred around tasks, roleplays or meaningful interactions that enable our students to understand the language they are using, and enjoy doing so.
Lessons typically take place in the morning, after breakfast, and are 50 minutes long, with a short break in between them. Students usually stay in the same class for the duration of their stay, but are taught by 2-3 different teachers.

Confidence is the key to becoming a fluent speaker of English. Our drama sessions aim to boost students’ confidence and speaking ability by offering light-hearted, fun sketches and improvisations. Through improvisation work, students find that they know a lot more English than they realize and are able to channel it in a meaningful and engaging way.

Our fun and user-friendly drama games make it easy for students to explore physicality in performance, as well as work on intonation, pronunciation and boost their speaking confidence.

Students are placed in to groups who work together on a final performance for the group. During the rehearsal sessions, the groups are given advice and guidance to allow a richer understanding of both the English language and how it is used in real life. In our final performances, we always see much more confident students with a far greater understanding of the type of language they are using and the way it sounds. This means that students leave with a more natural style of speaking than when they arrived.